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Be Free University will help you BE FREE from debt, BE FREE from a job, and BE FREE from a work. Our goal is to help you how to obtain the one thing the school system should have taught you ... FREEDOM.

Our mission is to set one million families free from financial bondage. Join us in our financial revolution today.


Be Free University students have extra ordinary results in eliminating debt, obtaining assets, and generating cash flow.


dollars in debt eliminated


of cash flow generated


properties debt free in 4 years


in assets purchased debt free

No matter how busy your schedule, our self paced classes will fit directly into your life.
Mind Transformation
Cash Flow Generation
Debt Elimination
Credit Restoration
Tax Elimination
Wealth Accumulation
Legacy Preservation

Wealth Accumulation

We want to show you how to put your wealth on auto pilot (passive income).
Through investing in real estate, Forex, Day Trading, or Business Development we will show you how to retire at the age and lifestyle you choose.




Increase Your Cashflow

Complete Cashflow Course



Obtain Scholarship or Generate Income

Complete Ambassador Course



Plan To Be Debt Free & Retired

Complete Retire Debt Free Course



Own Your Own Business

Compelte Credit & Business Course



Generate Passive Income

Complete Wealth Accumulation Course



Never Worry About Money Again

Complete Business Course & Pick Skill Set



Take back your freedom by taking back your finances therefore, taking back your life.


Designed to teach you debt elimination and cash flow generation while providing you with a concise road map to Freedom. This School Will Help You:
  • - Take control of your finances
  • - Reposition Your Income
  • - Increase Your Cashflow
  • - Become Debt Free
  • - Achieve AAA Credit
  • - Lower Your Taxes
  • - Increase Your Networth
  • - Develop An Emergency Fund
If Your journey to freedom is for you to leave a legacy to your family or organization this course will teach you how to achieve that goal. In this course you will utilize our state specific estate planning tools and resources as you learn.The School of Legacy will help you set up the following for you and your family.
  • - Trusts
  • - Wills
  • - Health Care Directives
  • - Durable Power of Attorney
These courses are designed to help you establish knowledge of multiple business practices and procedures to increase the efficiency of your current business or walk you through the steps to launch a brand new venture.In this course you will learn how to:
  • - Decide on a business structure and set it up in your state
  • - Create a business plan
  • - Execute a business plan
  • - Establish business credit
  • - Create your niche
  • - Increase revenue
If you've always wanted to learn to trade but have no idea where to begin, then you will enjoy the School of Investing. To trade effectively, it's critical to get a solid education. Our online school is made for beginners to help them learn how to trade the currency markets.This course is focused on the ever growing world of trading. To trade effectively, it's critical to get a solid education. Our online school is made for beginners to help them learn how to trade the in the currency markets of FOREX, CRYPTO, INDICIES and FUTURES.In this course we teach you how to read market charts, set up indicators, entry and exit strategies, leverage, how to set up broker accounts, support and resistance, market environments, and so much more.
  • - Forex 101 (beginner)
  • - Forex 201 (basics)
  • - Forex 301 (advance)
  • - Day Trading 101 (beginner)
  • - Day Trading 201 (basics)
  • - Day Trading 301 (advance)
Most millionaires have a real estate portfolio. Real estate allows you to build assets that can be leveraged to help you build wealth even faster. Learn how to build real estate with little money and no credit.You will learn how to:
  1. - Purchase Real Estate With Tax Lien Investing
  2. - Wholesale Real Estate
  3. - Profit in Real Estate Investing
  4. - Structure real estate deal to your advantage
  5. - Make Pre and Post Auction Profits
  • - Tax Liens 101 (beginner)
  • - Tax Liens 201 (basics)
  • - Tax Liens 301 (advance)
  • - Wholesaling 101 (beginner)
  • - Wholesaling 201 (basics)
  • - Wholesaling 301 (advance)
With any business you will find the heart of your company is Marketing and Branding. No matter how good a product maybe it will not produce generational wealth until you develop your messaging to the right audience. Whether you're an entrepreneur building a new brand, a business owner who wants to improve performance, or a brand designer who wants to enhance their work with strategy,You'll learn about the importance of brand substance. We cannot wait until you uncover your target and how to position your brand. Learn how emotion effects decision making and how to use it when creating your core message and brand story. We will show you how to say and how you want to say it. Learn how to create a brand by for creating advertisements, website copy, email marketing, social media posts and more. Take control of your marketing by building a strategic brand from the ground up.
  • - Marketing 101 (beginner)
  • - Marketing 201 (basics)
  • - Marketing 301 (advance)
  • - Branding 101 (beginner)
  • - Branding 201 (basics)
  • - Branding 301 (advance)
This school is designed to create and build your personal Network Marketing business into a million dollar passive residual income business. Network Marketing has created more millionaires than any other industry, however they did not achieve their success by accident. Their success is intentional. Most people who join network marketing companies are never taught how to be successful and become a seven figure earner. SUCCESS IS DUPLICATABLE IF YOU FOLLOW THE PROCESS!You will learn all of the trade secrets while we take you step by step to understand how you can start building your empire online and skyrocket your network marketing business using the system and methods that all these TOP Earners out there are using!This school will teach you how to obtain, maintain and grow your business into the passive income empire you always dreamed of obtaining.
  • - Network Marketing 101 (beginner)
  • - Network Marketing 201 (basics)
  • - Network Marketing 301 (advance)
  • - Social Media 101 (beginner)
  • - Social Media 201 (basics)
  • - Social Media 301 (advance)
Marketing has changed so much in the last decade. Today you must have a digital presence. In Digital Marketing School you will lean how to grow your business utilizing Digital Marketing. You can even start your own Digital Marketing Agency. We are teaching you everything you want to know. How to setup and grow your YouTube channel, Setup and manage a WordPress website, landing pages, Community Management, Funnel Conversion, SEO, e-commerce, paid traffic, email marketing, analytics and data, etc.
  • - Content Marketing
  • - Community Management
  • - Conversion Funnel
  • - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • - Analytics and Data
  • - Paid Traffic
  • - E Commerce
  • - Copy Writing
  • - Optimization and Testing
  • - Broadcasting
  • - YouTube, Periscope, Instagram
  • - Email Marketing
The School of tax offers online instruction as a convenient way to learn income tax. The courses offered are designed to help you master income tax, small business tax, nd/or provide a new stream of income to further launch you into the path of financial freedom.Introduction to Income TaxIt is the goal of this course to prepare each student to become a registered tax preparer with Be Free University and the Internal Revenue Service. Through guided instruction each student will learn tax vocabulary, code, rules and preparation; thus preparing you for additional income through home- based business. This course is a step by step guide to the 1040 form and the schedules most often used by individual tax -payers. This course will outline wage earners in each filing category.Business TaxWe offer business tax instructions as well as Business Bootcamps to help small business owners get prepared for tax season. We will teach you how and why the top 50 companies in the US paid $0 tax.In these courses you will learn:
  1. - How to navigate tax forms and preparation
  2. - How to strategize using tax law
  3. - How to prepare for future tax filings
  4. - How to create a new stream of income as a tax strategist
The School of Credit help you become certified by Be Free University in Credit Restoration Service. With this certification will help you start your own 'Be Free Credit Solutions' franchise.Become a certified credit restoration specialist by completing the School of Credit Courses. In addition to teaching you the in's and out's of credit restoration we also want to teach you how:
  • - Own your own business
  • - Increase sales
  • - Manage a staff
  • - Customer Retention
  • - Delete negatives from credit
  • - Use Digital Marketing to automate your business
  • - Make Money While You Sleep

never worry about money again.

Poverty is a mindset broke is a temporary condition when you change your mind you change your mone.


1-3-5-7 PLAN

Be Free University has a proven system that will produce results when you follow our road map of the 1-3-5-7 plan. Because everyone's financial situation is different and each person has a different work ethic we can't make guarantees; however, we can share with you the average results of previous students. I must admit we see several people being able to Be Free within months enrolling as a scholar and Ambassador.

Within the first year of following our program you will see amazing results. Through our Ambassador program, with life style management and repositioning your income, you should generate enough cash flow that will allow you to produce an emergency fund, start your debt free journey and restoring your credit.



control your

by having a debt free action plan, open your own business, and develop a passive income skill set and never punch another time clock again.



Take the first step. you deserve to feel confident & to be the best you can be.

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"When your consciousnesses becomes aware of wealth, life and money will begin to change."

Sarah Grey

"If you don't act today, your tomorrow will remain the same."

Robert Owens

"Freedom is what each person deserves but somehow most people are searching for it."

David Frank

"Choose to 'Be Free' and leave life's captivity."

David Frank